Meet Chef Dave

Dave Pruett grew up in Central Florida aspiring to be a pathologist studying Microbiology and Cell Science at The University of Florida. During the rigorous course load of Organic Chemistry & Molecular Genetics, Dave found serenity reading cookbooks and cooking for friends.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science, he abandoned the idea of 10 more years of school to work in the basement of an 850 seat restaurant. His sole duty for the first 3 weeks was portioning pasta into 4 oz bags.  Strangely enough he loved every minute of it and decided to pursue a career in Culinary Arts. 

Dave attended Le Cordon Bleu of New England studying classic French technique. While attending Le Cordon Bleu, he interned at Pesce Bleu in Portsmouth, NH, a fine-dining Italian seafood restaurant.  This is where he started to understand how fresh food was made.  No product was made a day before it was to be served - everything was made the day of or literally minutes after the customer ordered.  From there he worked as Chef de Cuisine in Oguinquit, ME at The Cliffhouse Resort and Spa doing everything from making omelets to breaking down 5 pound lobsters to order. 

Moving to Savannah, GA changed his culinary life.  Dave worked as the Executive Chef at Sapphire Grill working under Christopher J. Nasson, a James Beard recognized chef and DiRona award-winning restaurant.  Sapphire Grill is where he learned that good food doesn't need big words and lots of ingredients.  It just needs to be handled properly.  From there Dave moved to Colorado, fell in love with skiing, fell in love with catering and thus formed Fresh Tracks Foods and Catering. Fresh Tracks was started with a toolbox full of knives and the knowledge of how to cook and present food.  Since then, Fresh Tracks has fed thousands of people sometimes individually and sometimes all at once.  

Meet Kelly


“Best Reviewed Caterer" doesn't just happen. It takes hard work, planning, organization, training, a great attitude and more hard work.

Meet Kelly. Kelly is the working Front of House owner of Fresh Tracks Catering.  Kelly keeps the service end in tip top shape at every event. Read for yourself what all of these nice folks have to say about Kelly. .

“Kelly was genuinely excited to be there and help us out"
"Kelly (was) attentive and so accommodating the entire process. It was great being able to work with them"
"Kelly did such a great job of organizing and keeping things going that I didn't even have to worry about a thing and could just enjoy everything. Everything was
truly perfect"
"They brought me food, drink and words of encouragement until the storm passed. Kelly stood beside me as we waited to walk down the aisle"
"The day of, the service was fantastic and personable. Kelly was genuinely excited to be there and help us out"

Meet Jaime


Meet Jaime.  She is the General Manager 
aka Lady in Charge 
aka The Lady with all the answers.
She started off as a chef assistant and quickly worked her way through the ranks. She has been with us, well pretty close to the start of Fresh Tracks.  Through out a normal day you would not believe how many times we hear or say:
“just ask Jaime" “Jaime probably knows" “Jaime can fix it" “Where is Jaime" “Everything is okay because Jaime is here" “Jaime we need your help" “When will Jaime be back" “Why isn't Jaime here" “Well Jaime does it this way" “We love Jaime" .
Not sure how we could get through these amazing catering seasons without her!
Did we say "We love Jaime”

Meet Kenny


Have you met Kenny?
Kenny has been with Fresh Tracks for over 6 years. Kenny runs all aspects of The Fresh Tracks Kitchen. If you look real hard you will see him hiding way back in this kitchen and that is were he feels most at home. He is mostly referred to as "you know, that guy, the one always in the kitchen.”
He is his own toughest critic and constantly looks for ways to improve the food and presentation. You won’t find many that work harder than him. You will also not find one review that says his name, but every time you see something great about Fresh Tracks' food we guarantee he had a hand (or spoon) in it.

Meet Sara


Meet Sara. Sara is an important part of our team making sure all of our clients and guests feel like a million bucks. As you'll read here she is wonderful, flexible and awesome. If you haven't met Sara, you really should. 

"Had a wonderful experience with them catering my wedding last week. I worked primarily with Sara and she was wonderful- communicative and flexible and very explicit and clear in explaining the pricing. She had lots of great suggestions for keeping the menu within my budget, and she even interfaced with our rental company for the tables/tableware/tent on my behalf! The day of the event couldn't have gone more perfectly."

"Sara was flexible & polite with every single change request, update to our menu/head count, and made the whole process super smooth!"

"Sara and the Fresh Tracks team worked with us with great enthusiasm and flexibility all through our wedding planning."

"Jaime and Sarah are awesome to work with, the food was incredible, and the staff were very helpful, fast, and courteous."